About us

Ava’s Tee Shop was founded with a simple idea in mind: “To create positivity”.

As a family, we focus on making the best of our days, we choose to believe in hope and humanity, but most importantly, believe in ourselves.

We’re glad you’re here. We’re grateful for you. We believe we all have a message, and your message is important. We believe in the good nature of our souls. That’s our essence.

Although, we are not here to think divine thoughts all of the time. But, we can embrace both good and "not so good" thinking so we can create a new consciousness.

Our mantra is "Practice gratitude, positive self-talk and affirmations, love and kindness. These things are incredibly powerful. We believe our products bring a special message that you can share with the world. Believe in the power of positivity.

 We hope we can inspire you.

With much love and gratitude,

Ava's Tee Shop Team